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AIR FROM 19 September 2008.
ZiL caused mysterious awe

Yet none car does not cause such a stormy agitation. Six black giant won, it seems, all the small park. But the biggest interest is not young, vospitannye many inomarkami, but just middle-aged people for whom the words of the Soviet Union, five-year, the CPSU have a lot of meaning. For them ZiL, as for me, something unattainable, related to past, not so bad life. These people had no respect for those who traveled in the back seat ZiL, but was respected and even some mysterious awe to the car. Hello in the studio Paul Angelin.


But take ZIL-4104 convenient or beautiful machine could only person intoxicated gazirovkoy dual syrup. All of this made sense then. There is an old, bulky, "voracious" rydvan, remarkable only because once ride on it had the right not all.


1oktyabrya 1931g plant named J. Stalin (VMS). By the summer of 1933, a truck AMO-3 has been upgraded, its cargo capacity was increased to 3 tons in 1934, began manufacturing cars ZIS-5 and LIS-6. Truck ZIS-5 became the landmark model in the history of the plant not only because it was the first truly massive vehicle and stood in the workplace 15 years. On the basis of the car ZIS-5 was developed 25 varieties and modifications of cars, 19 of which were put on production. 21 August, 1933 Sovnarkom Soviet Union decided on a second reconstruction of the plant, which was aimed at expanding the list of car models. In 1936 (3 November) pipeline began assembling the first national semimestnogo limousine ZIS-101, which became the basis for the construction of an American car "Byuik" on the full scale model (without buying from the company drawings). From 1936 to 1941. Plant focused on increasing the issuance of trucks with gas installations VMS-21 and semi-car VMS-22, VMS-42, as well as buses VMS-8 and VMS-16 (all based on the VMS-5). The advent of German troops to Moscow in autumn 1941, forcing the evacuation of significant numbers of people and equipment in Ulyanovsk, Miass, Chelyabinsk and Shadrinsk. In October 1941, the factory was prepared to destroy and did not work.

In the

The official name of the model - ZIL-4104. It is unlikely that those who traveled in the back seat ZiLa, asked what is hidden under the hood and head. A view was that! Under the hood is now standing modernized version of the engine. Business volume increased to 7.69 liters, and bring power to 315 hp Impressive volumes of working fluids. Oils - 13 liters, liquid refrigerant - 23 liters! Valves is activated cam pinion, which in turn, stub-roller chain. Even then the fuel is used exclusively AI-95! Interiors are still depended only on the wishes of ordinary "members", which was to drive a car. In 1985, was launched small-scale production of the last of the "great and terrible" - ZIL-41047. The changes he has undergone minor. It is the design remains the same. There were perhaps the first signs of an impending capitalism - have begun to install the lamp Bosch. The first acquaintance with the place ... door car. Tyazhelennaya, it is surprisingly easy to open and close. But keep in the doorway fingers strongly recommended. Stop closes the door inertia will cover as easy. And imagine how much time weighed door armored car! But rest assured - and imagine - through the week. Paul Angelin. Russian news service.

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