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Air date is 19 March 2010.
S. асмрлюм: We are beginning to "Football Club" in anticipation of Vasily Utkin. Oh bear with my face, I''ll include a video link, everything will be.

Then come Vasily Utkin, he is straight from the plane. I think all heard that Basil commented just the game in Seville, wonderful and happy ending for Russia''s team for CSKA. In my opinion, it was a great victory. You can, of course, to dissect its sharp scalpel, laser gadgets at the nano-level and say that there were not so, that there were like that. It comes with all the matches, all victories. But the fact that in general it''s a great victory.

It asked whether in the lot ... I recall that CSKA will play with Inter Milan in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Can help that we have the beginning of the season and all fresh. I think that we have eternal story: can help us, they have only the beginning of the season, as we have already rolled - this fall, whether the help that they are already tired, and we''ll just run in for fresh in season. I think it is quite idle discourse. It may help and should help only the well-established game, plus luck plus skill plus the desire, plus the knowledge. All this demonstrated CSKA just this week.

Slutsky once again proved that he knows perfectly the opponent, and not only dances from their own stove that Slutsky had made conclusions after the last match, including the match against Amkar. He concluded, therefore, I think there were a few interesting things about which is better tell Vasily Utkin, who was there. Vasya, hello.

V. Utkin: Hello. Sorry, straight from the plane.

S. асмрлюм: And straight from Spain itself, where you had the opportunity to comment on the two wonderful match.

V. Utkin: Very different.

S. асмрлюм: Very different, but in his own wonderful each of them.

V. Utkin: It is yes.

S. асмрлюм: Several factors I have listed, are clearly important. This self-understanding, understanding of the enemy, making of the findings, a study, mastery, impact, plus luck. And all this was, it all came together in a single dot.

V. Utkin: If all this is, it is already very much.

S. асмрлюм: This is exactly what is sufficient for the victory. CSKA have been sharp enough to win.

V. Utkin: CSKA chosen, perhaps, the only true game plan, which, among other things, was not only to somehow get up and somewhere to three times to run. A plan was in its per-minute performance to the very end. I believe that this plan, but that it was only possible, was not absolutely winning. It helped CSKA rival. It''s his job, but very helpful, because "Seville" has not shown his best football.

S. асмрлюм: And what specifically helped Sevilla?

V. Utkin: We''ll tell you. The last thing I want to say to cavil at the thought that it was not luck from CSKA Moscow, that "Seville" has not shown his best football, and Sevilla in general over the past three years, has ceased to show his best football when it just need it. This option it was no more after the change of coach. Regarding the fact that she could show the "Seville".

"Sevilla" - a team that knows this dervish frenzy sometimes berserkskoe frenzy when forgotten how to name the opponent, a team in contrast, came out - and her dare. This is sometimes a "Seville" is such "Seville" does not in the mood, not accidental.

I repeat, I really treasure this observation, generalization, that "Sevilla" is probably one of the best teams playing in the Shootout in the last 5-6 years in Europe, if not better at all. Still, she won four tournaments, long, with a knock-out, no Super Bowl, an additional ticket for a jam, "come quickly, he still lies there." Five tournaments in the fifth came in the final. We have reached the final, Spain Cup regular. Spanish Cup - the tournament is very prestigious, vpridachu the entire game from two matches, ie it is long and requires quite a serious strategy.

This happens with Sevilla and in other cases when it is experiencing some kind of super-motivated. In particular, we recall the first round match at Sevilla, when it hosted the "Real" and scattered it on a log, drop by drop on the cream, just whipped cream has a "Real" on that day. However, in this game, many recalled coming to the conference ernichat me a question that I said that 1:1 would be better than 2:1 in the first match at home to play better 0:0 than the 2:1 win. I then put a little sloppy ...

S. асмрлюм: arithmetic correctly.

V. Utkin: Arithmetically just wrong.

S. асмрлюм: Okay. This arithmetic is multiplied by the psychology of more.

V. Utkin: I think the conclusion of this phrase is related to what eventually happened. Of course, any victory is better than any tie at home, it is clear. But we''re talking about installing, but the main thing was not to miss in the first match against Sevilla. What happened was that, not having won at Sevilla, playing with her 1:1 and playing in Moscow is not convincing for the content of the game ... I think this result "Seville" put to sleep.

S. асмрлюм: How has CSKA compared with the first match. It is very interesting change.

V. Utkin: CSKA did not stand in front of the need to play. This is a significant difference. CSKA had the opportunity to wait. And CSKA faced a rival who is really for some reason decided to buy on the ruble and dimes instead of going forward and win the victory ... I am a child remembered the phrase from a book by Anatoly Karpov - "like a boy playing the time-trouble, there is a saying. When you see, you have more time and a lot of chess, and the opponent is not enough, and you try to deprive him of the time, eventually you begin to hurry ...

S. асмрлюм: Sam find yourself in this situation.

V. Utkin: Right. It is very understandable. Because it is a phishing attack. You start to think not about how to play like the best move to find as something secondary. That''s exactly the same and "Seville". After this exchange of goals late in the first half, he played a very important role. On the one hand, CSKA lost the advantage, just received, when he missed a goal back. On the other hand, thus was compared to the expense, and further the game started already with several other grounds. I have today published a regular column in the "Soviet Sport", the idea there - CSKA surprisingly timely scoring, just before the break restored the status quo, but could be 1:0. Here in fact, again, a paradoxical thing. There was a danger to defend the advantage, scoring one goal. Nowhere on it does not get to.

S. асмрлюм: Remember how this danger facing "Rubin".

V. Utkin: That I, unfortunately, has not yet seen.

S. асмрлюм: They all developed arithmetically and polupsihologicheski, developed in parallel. A little earlier scored Rubin. He could score more. I could get. Gone 1:0. And once received such a charge shortly before the fateful 60 minutes, turned the charge that 1:1. And now "Rubin" fizzles out, and exhale. They could not know, "Wolfsburg", they could not know ... Of course, they read Latin letters written record, who''s there in store, it''s all published. But they could not know that "Rubin" nowhere can build strength. He never could. He can only lose. It can replace Kasaeva, who was the only side in fantazist "Rubin". And he was so handy.

V. Utkin: And and side and Bykov.

S. асмрлюм: What could make Gökdeniz on the other flank. And when they released Gorbantsa, he has no one went into the game. They came not as "bulls". Because the "bulls" were all there: the same Bukharov fell, got up, again tried to grab for the ball. Salukvadze, he had a more technical role, because there had to be easy to throw all the loopholes. And what could make Gorbanets on the flank, and that had to do Sibaya in the middle ... The same fatal goal. I will not go into endless arguments that were started in the ninety-minute ennoy, was or was not that nezaschitanny goal against Rubin. You can get in this position and say that they were supposed to play ... When removed Navas, yes, baring all. But one blow, one pass, if not from here so ... by how many cents, Rozanov said?

V. Utkin: eight.

S. асмрлюм: For eight cents, even 12 cents eyes were Sibaya. Here is the fatal thread, stupid pas ...

V. Utkin: I do not want to seem like an old woman, who sits at the entrance, but it is about this danger and we talked.

S. асмрлюм: Right. But as she realized ... It was very, very clear that Berdiyev doing its utmost to not cheat fate merciless: from 60 minutes to be absolutely clear that they are physically stronger, these "wolves" that all they have going. And they have not passed, but they often did not work. And it seemed that now Berdiyev deceive the only possible way that there was. You have not seen, but the poor Andronov simply wept bitter tears, and tears of these boomed into the microphone. Because it was impossible to watch over and over again Kabze ... He could solve everything, every 5, 6, 8, 24. And all this did not work due to some physics, simply because of the fact that there lies no longer knows the leg where the ball, and they do not feel two of these items, do not feel each other. And this could all be solved, so he could cheat, but could doobmanyvatsya to a penalty shootout, where nothing would be known.

V. Utkin: If you return to CSKA Moscow, according to the scenario matches is very similar: 1:1 in the first game, came forward in response. But this superficial similarity, the similarity of the plot. Because very different terms, quite different intrigues were in these matches, other teams opposing each other. And the fact that CSKA scored immediately after the break, it certainly added extra nerves "Seville". First, just led into account, only that all controlled, after the first leg lead. And then suddenly it becomes clear that we must score two. Arrived. Not bad went for bread. There is now such a situation. And then Manolo Jimenez did not come up as having abandoned the field all his attacking players, which as a result ... There was a time when Negredo went out on the field, has three attackers, and there was a moment when it seemed that now really prizhmut and begin to carry. But it coincided with the moment of encounter with Mark Gonzales Jesús Navas, somehow suddenly it all went into the pipe. Still very shaky team arranged, if it like this, three ahead of the forward play, and the time is still quite a lot. And further bulk is very difficult to organize, of course.

S. асмрлюм: There was one very precise appendix, and which played a fateful role in history with "Ruby". Obafemi Martins went. All. Again, this is the main word that we say, - a side player. He did everything. The first time he did, breaking through and scoring, and both have scored his head ... And now these same under a zero to extra time ... It was much, 14:0 or 15:0 on the corner was a "Rubin" ... In the end, it could merely mechanically turn into goals. I needed someone like Martins.

And secondly, there is absolutely cynical all the roll, all perepasovali Germans, is absolutely cynical after this unfortunate Paz, who gave Sibaya. And far from this interception was even closer to the arc of the penalty "Wolfsburg", than to the central circle. And everything was wonderful and convenient, when no one is able to return, and the protection is such a hole. By the way, I must say that everyone who played in "Ruby", and finish the game, and stop, but technically are not included (it''s a separate issue, it is to Kurban Bekievichu question why they are not included, and so vyalenko all this was spoiled game in general), and all those who stayed from the beginning, they held out until the very end. Not a single defender, even though the red card, I would just not even looked gloomily. Orekhov same. What a game he plays?

V. Utkin: He is the second time came in the starting lineup in European competition.

S. асмрлюм: Orekhov simply Macedonian hero.

V. Utkin: Orekhov was not a bad player. First he came as a young, then very good, well played by Cesar Navas and Sharon. It could very well emerge at the start of last season, has not the past, but somewhere before last season, could form such a way that Sharon remained in his age podstrahovschikov, would play Orekhov. Sharonov showed himself beautifully, had a brilliant season. Now it''s time Orekhov. I think he is quite able to help "Rubin" and play at.

S. асмрлюм: He is already helping, he was already on the level. Tell me, please, that''s such a thing, it nedoraschet or just coincidence - nezayavka, inability to say the players. After all, "Rubin" and it was autumn.

V. UTKIN: There is a new rule, which should be in the group of players who at a certain age who are inmates of the club. To be honest, I''m afraid misquote, but I remember that we have on the channel first noticed this situation Lesch Andronov, and he once asked Berdiev question. I''m afraid to make mistakes, but, in my opinion, Berdiyev said that for themselves at some point it is also a surprise.

S. асмрлюм: But they are caught a second time in such a thing. Or is this another thing due to the fact that it was necessary to declare early, but there were problems with Fatih Tekke ...

V. Utkin: Just do not know. Fatih Tekke already played ... Or did not play?

S. асмрлюм: played in what?

V. Utkin: did not play properly. European appearances.

S. асмрлюм: Stop. Zenit has played since. For these reasons, all is clear.

V. Utkin: This is not entirely a bad thing. Still Berdiyev understands that before him the task of updating the team, and serious, it is worth. Key newcomers virtually all young. Here, of course, very prevents injury Ryazantseva, who was already grown, its own young leader. I do not know what information is published this week on the injury Ryazantseva, but at last, I just know from our sources that Ryazantseva injury is very serious.

S. асмрлюм: Yes, nothing optimistic now been published.

V. Utkin: The club does not report it. Perhaps there are different options. Because, of course, I know not of Kurban Bekievicha, but in the football world, this news spread very quickly, because any player - is a commodity, and it can be in any team, sooner or later, so all are watching the young stars. Very untimely injury Ryazantseva. Look at the "Rubin", firstly, during the past year, now played Kasai, shows a very good side. Beginner Nath, I do not know him, but about him very good words spoken - and Berdiyev have eyes on the players - he is also very young player, fairly young, he, I think, 22 years, ie time for him to play. Here Orekhov. For the defender it is quite a young player, he most recently played for the youth team.

S. асмрлюм: Balyaikin.

V. Utkin: Exactly.

S. асмрлюм: how to fight, giving some weight to the head, all the time holes were where Balyaikin, which heyourself time to close very often.

V. Utkin: At Balyaikin also very much hope, because last year he had a few good games for the youth team.

S. асмрлюм: Played a little in another place for the youth. If anyone watched Balyaikin very well go out to replace it very soon strengthens the right flank.

V. Utkin: A right flank "Rubin" to a certain extent problematic position. We see that Lasha Salukvadze at a higher level of play, probably can not. In particular, in the first match against Wolfsburg "... I do not know how he showed in the second.

S. асмрлюм: In the second he came out for the replacement and plugging holes in a very difficult moments.

V. Utkin: In the first match Salukvadze obviously could not keep up, through his zone "Wolfsburg" organized pressure in the second half, and he bounced back in his zone. Perhaps more will be difficult to progress Lasha Salukvadze right. In general, too, the situation is ripe for permutations

S. асмрлюм: Andrew reminds us of age-old story: "Zenit" lost in qualifying. "

V. Utkin: Yes, indeed, "Nacional". So do not be postponed. Thank you very much. Sorry, like this pops up. Of course, all remember, but in the course of another conversation can be difficult to remember all at once, and you help us.

S. асмрлюм: Not needed Fatih Tekke, even more would be needed Ryazantsev. I do not even know who most would need. We had to change, with all the heroism, Hasan Kabze, just unlucky, that does not fit into that. If there was a trump card is the place, and Hasan Kabze played a little bit dragged ... If Bukharov went back and forth, then Kabze all the time at some point, the point of closure. Here was a man needs. A Semak? ..

V. Utkin: Certainly, and Semak, and Sharon, all of these players very could help. It''s football history, nothing in her tragic and dramatic No, that injuries sometimes occur. I want you to simply say that the truth is a very interesting moment comes "Ruby", which almost suggests that life to them that it is time to change, it is time to update it. Even that''s not the fact that Nath. Maybe he does not fit, we have nothing about it know, and, perhaps, in fact, all these stories are true. Sometimes this same story. But it is clear that Rubin had been transformed to the young players that now for him it has become an important option to acquire a player, but once was quite unimportant.

S. асмрлюм: When Rebrov bought and so on. The same Semak, incidentally.

V. Utkin: Exactly. And now it has become important. So watch this will be interesting. So Galiulin came in Super Bowl play. Of course, the Super Bowl - a special match, but still. We saw already in this season, leaving the field the young striker Portnyagina, which is still higher Bukharova. He, however, a little boy, but it at bay, perhaps, now be. We hear about it already long enough.

S. асмрлюм: Could leave. Do not dare. It was already too late.

V. Utkin: This is interesting. By the way, and CSKA Moscow to be a significant restructuring.

S. асмрлюм: I recall that it is "Football Club". Vasily Utkin, Sergey аСМРЛЮМ. Now we will do a very sad sideshow. Konstantin Eremenko died.

V. Utkin: I heard about it.

S. асмрлюм: This is a very sad thing.

V. Utkin: When the dying 40-year-old man, it''s always very sad.

S. асмрлюм: And then, the role which he has been in a mini-football for us ....

V. Utkin: I do not think that he''s a mini-football, played a purely positive role, to be honest. This is a long, complex conversation. Do I need to further explore the texture, of course. As they say in this situation either well or nothing. Me good on Constantine Eremenko say almost nothing, except that he was an outstanding player.

S. асмрлюм: He was an outstanding player.

V. Utkin: It''s a pity, of course.

S. асмрлюм: I''m sorry. More. We keep a large pro football and pro football this year and existing. Ask questions, +7-985-970-4545 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +7-985-970-4545 end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +7-985-970-4545 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +7-985-970-4545 end_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

V. Utkin: I would just caution that deep impressions of the Championship of Russia has not yet expect from me, I''m the first round nearly half missed, the main matches are not seen.

S. асмрлюм: But something that sketch, if there are specific questions.

V. Utkin: We still draw the same happened today.

S. асмрлюм: CSKA Moscow - Inter. Of course, it is extremely interesting. I have the records of those who have not seen ... And you there are some textual interpretation of "Football Club"?

V. Utkin: None.

S. асмрлюм: Unfortunately. Because to read or watch what today said Denis Kazan ...

V. Utkin: And we ask him to lay out your blog.

S. асмрлюм: Ask. This is very interesting. I thought it was very compact and very clear, after the interview Slutsky. It is evident that people think and it would not be easy to talk immediately after the draw. In Dennis was very characteristic of the collected than might be just ... not that convenient, but how it can help itself Slutsky, not so much the players as it will help in the preparation of Slutsky. This could arguably be a priori only in terms of preparation, may prove to be more comprehensible than Arsenal. I''m not talking about "Barcelona" - "Manchester" or maybe even the French team.

V. Utkin: I thought that the best contender for CSKA would be a "Lion".

S. асмрлюм: "Lyon" every day.

V. Utkin: Yes, the "Lion" is not every day, really. The fact that the blind draw is allowed to rely to some extent. I think that Arsenal would be a good contender for CSKA. The team, which played a good army in the past, they talked a lot about this when leaving after the match with Sevilla. There came, of course, is that stupid to choose opponents one-fourth. But how can this not to talk? This is the normal continuation of the topic, what we now fellows, as well, that we have reached the quarterfinals. The normal development of the conversation. Probably will be interesting to see.

I want to warn at once that nowhere in any form, I will not answer questions if they would be "Russian Mourinho" against the present Mourinho. "Russian Mourinho" about Slutsky - this is a silly story, this once very long ago told one thing. Slutsky have nothing in common with Mourinho no. In addition, it is two modern coach of the new formation is called, and in some sense a generation. Therefore I think this is blasphemy, and around this building talk is meaningless.

S. асмрлюм: You know, it worked once as the beginning of the conversation at social events, that''s all.

V. Utkin: And now it is a limpet.

S. асмрлюм: Where were the "Pirelli" and Prince Aimone was.

V. Utkin: That was before. This Belous said, when he was appointed. And then they cross.

S. асмрлюм: This is played when they crossed on this story in Italy. ''s All. By the way, today also in the "football club" it was in such a flyspecked played very well.

V. Utkin: Because Dennis traveled to this event in Milan, filmed it, Dennis led the transfer. I think that the "Inter" - a command, of course, now having achieved great success. For the "Inter" get to the quarterfinals of the Champions League - a big success, whatever may be said on this occasion Jose Mourinho. "Inter", with all his might, too, the team, acting more or less predictable team, which I think may be characterized by underestimation of the opponent.

S. асмрлюм: Plus some vychislyaemost, unlike Arsenal.

V. Utkin: I am, however, it seems that CSKA had already exhausted their resource. Then without luck will be very difficult. Still the same need and critically look at the game the team too. After all, in spite of great games with Sevilla in the sense of the result ... I''m on the subject does not ernichayu because, of course, the most important - is the result: you can break into a pancake, but the result here determines everything. But, nevertheless, CSKA because not once in two matches was not included in the penalty opponent, except for filing angle. Three goals - all because of the penalty, and one almost in its half of the field. Again, thank God, and very good that way. Again, the question of the Honda. What certainly knows how to do Inter, so it is not folit from his own penalty, among other things. And in the matches of any pitch can do it. It is certainly interesting, meaningful. I think that CSKA has everything to get out of this game one way or another with honor. But still, I think it is very important now to prevent the euphoria, especially by fans of CSKA. The team will now be reconstructed. From the team will leave Krasic ...

S. асмрлюм: Fans can eyforizirovat indefinitely.

V. Utkin: And then the pendulum swings back.

S. асмрлюм: It will be like all the fans, our own misfortune, if then they will be killed with sorrow. Much more interesting is that now would think the players and Slutsky.

V. Utkin: Luck she chooses, when she come. Here it was CSKA now. For example, last year, last season evrokubkovom team played, perhaps, much brighter, but then this happened. And the current problems, too, have nothing to do with the fact that something is lost, not finalized. Who knew that Wagner Love just take in some braid their own turn? Nobody could imagine. What else injury. Gone Zhirkov. This is a new team, it will be done during the season.

S. асмрлюм: How do you imagine it? I felt completely different people, even in comparison with its optimum level, the defenders of CSKA. They played very strictly.

V. Utkin: This is a stronghold.

S. асмрлюм: And when they last played strictly? There, as just that, once passing yard.

V. Utkin: I''m just the opposite, it seems that they are bored when they can something like that head and share it.

S. асмрлюм: When bored.

V. Utkin: Those who watch every game the team experienced in every game for this team are its fans, of course, they have much in the story ... But in general, still Ignashevich - Vasily Berezutsky - is the strongest pair of defenders in the country .

S. асмрлюм: Yes. But they, and not boring, and they can not perenastroe, as happens very often in Berezutski and have Ignashevich now is, when Ignashevich suddenly perenastroe. How perenakal. He feels that he is quite young, plus everything.

V. Utkin: It is difficult to judge why this is happening. This seems to happen. I think the team is configured properly was at this match.

S. асмрлюм: Come on. A lot of questions. It is ridiculous says Andrei in two words - "Fuller Ham. Dal heat

V. Utkin: I do not know a single result Cup.

S. асмрлюм: 4:1.

V. Utkin: Fine. Roy Hodgson in our information space, we have been placed in the first part.

S. асмрлюм: He was probably aware of, and therefore all this time justified. He worked on his image, created by "football club".

V. Utkin: Amazing indeed uncle. Here it was the same story, it is seemingly on the surface. Recognize the fact that Roy Hodgson we have today - is th-th, may be many. And if you delve into this easily extracted, but not much on the surface lies a whole biography, she''s amazing.

S. асмрлюм: It''s very cool. Early coach, in any ground, what he sought, through which passes ... There all very interesting. But here - here''s another, please, you lucky. As in the Championship Fulham played staunchly against Manchester, and at some point everything fell apart. And here it all went. Both depressed.

V. Utkin: This is a philosophy dvuhraundovogo duel.

S. асмрлюм: From 1:1 all went. Hodgson just frankly said that "I felt like now go. It happens. Sometimes it is not true. And here it all went. And the last goal was absolutely incredible, for whatever that''s such a trajectory (no one sees), who had gone into the top corner. More. Here they say: "Kabze - football is very, very decent, he simply played his most dreadful match. Yes, he did not play the most horrible game. Kabze played their game, minus luck.

V. Utkin: Trump Kabze are such that they can not come or disappear suddenly. This is particularly football, which is able to do a huge amount of work. With the completion, well ... And as for the same Martins regularly happens stupor. It can screw up how many points in one game. I deliberately take a well-known striker from the opposing team.

S. асмрлюм: And there Martins did what they could not make the most wonderful stars - neither Jack nor Misimović. Even here the question: "What Mourinho! He koknul Chelsea purely on tactics. " I do not think that it is purely to tactics.

V. Utkin: When the kick almost in the last 10 minutes in an equal match, it just about impossible to say that this is purely on tactics, sorry. That won him the honor and praise, no one disputes absolutely. And the phrase ... In humans, taste, of course, of course, impeccable, with Mourinho, that''s the taste sarcastic: "I always beat at Stamford Bridge. I imagine a little grumbling tone in which it was said. But it is brilliantly told. The man scored a major victory in their lives. Even the thought that he already may not be such victories. It is understandable that he must win the Champions League more little peep, for him it would be a huge success. But on the way to this victory all have a routine, it would seem, has become. And then he such a gift.

S. асмрлюм: I thought the players of Chelsea, especially mourinevskim players to Chelsea for some reason it was important. This was an additional factor, which played against them.

V. Utkin: What is important?

S. асмрлюм: It is important that Mourinho, that win over Mourinho.

V. Utkin: For the team to Chelsea it was a more serious psychological test. Because for Mourinho serious psychological tests does not exist, he has only tested in an underestimation. And here it is not that. In a situation where all tense, all mobilized, it is like a fish in water. As we have said once, a young journalist (they made a plot of the game, describing the struggle of the head), "felt like a fish in water, on the second floor"). In the same way and Mourinho here.

S. асмрлюм: "Do I need a referee outside the gate, if, as in yesterday''s match with the Germans," Rubin said he did not clean goal "Wolfsburg", and this is not the first time. This is not the case, first, to notice the offside, which was extremely difficult. It was, and the system bounces, and players jumping down. As the judge remarked at the gate, and that was his duty to notice the gate - he noticed a goal. And whether there out of the game, this is friend with a flag. From his position when he stood to watch the goal line ... He would have been needed in 66 year, just to mention it was or was not, to solve the philosophical problem. He said everything. The judge behind the goal was important, when crouch first goal, that in such cases is very important. Although even here it was quite obvious knock-out of the gate keeper. That''s why you need it. I do not quite understand what he was doing. I do not think this is a principled way out of the problems which have emerged in football.

V. Utkin: I am very much carried away by now, the arguments Yulia Latynina that all the ills of sprawl bureaucracy (I schematize). Frankly, I too am trying to apply this method to increase the number of judges, and I think that somehow it is methodologically wrong can they do the same around the whole field of supply to feed all of this pack.

S. асмрлюм: Increase staff in hockey, it has brought its results. But there is very clearly see everything. When it became four judges.

V. Utkin: Hockey is much more dynamic game ...

S. асмрлюм: Frankly, much more schematic.

V. Utkin: Also, in hockey introduced videopovtory.

S. асмрлюм: But have introduced it in rugby, a wonderful game. And no one has died just from the introduction of videopovtorov.

V. Utkin: In any case, it makes more sense than to speculate on the possible lifting of offside. Few people understand. Most of those who said that the offside should cancel, they think they are rejected outright, all these disputes, will not have to look at. Offside rule - is a key rule in which all football tactics based. Key rule. All tactical build based on this.

S. асмрлюм: To be honest with him and started understanding the game soccer.

V. Utkin: Yes. Advocates can say, let''s cancel and play ... There is the same for the same rugby heap of different leagues, which play by different rules in rugby.

S. асмрлюм: Well, not a lot.

V. Utkin: There is a rugby-7, there is rugby league, rugby is 13 and so on.

S. асмрлюм: It''s like in Christianity there are many heresies, currents, and various churches. But rugby-15 - it''s still the mother church of rugby. We can assume, and American football, and even an Australian can be considered a kind. But still something great that there is rugby-15 ... I am very pleased that the seven included in the Olympics now.

V. Utkin: I hope to God. By the way, more interesting is that all these varieties, they somehow hit the rugby, in football varieties are not so much. Still kind of indoor, beach - are templates, which in all other sports work. But how else can you play football ...

S. асмрлюм: You know, soccer has appeared since then, after great debate whether you can beat on his legs, I did not even mention the offside. Soccer, he was determined to some of its incredible simplicity, and everything else already ...

"Go back to Russia, you''re home." Yes, we are at home. My dear friends, for all the sympathy in the hot southern players, you ask me to talk seriously about today''s match "Spartak" (Nalchik) - "Anzhi"? Who was very cheerful, zaboristy, cocky, even with the suspicion of some moment when the free was appointed at 1:2. But what about it? My friends, forgive me, not "Spartak" (Nalchik), and Alania.

V. Utkin: This is the first round was a match "Spartak" (Nalchik) - "Anzhi.

S. асмрлюм: Excuse me, mahachkalintsy. It has its problems, I immediately thought of Tetradze, the return Hajiyev. I can tell you one thing. Maybe this will seem too sharp. My friends, "Alania" - absolutely not ready team to anything that happens here.

V. Utkin: And how have played in the end?

S. асмрлюм: 2:1, Nalchik won. By the way the played in the first half, could have won 5:0, 6:0.

V. Utkin: Nalchik in the first round, I saw through her lip, because there were still more interesting. But it was clear that Nalchik will be very difficult to input Asildarova. As a phenomenon Asildarova in the manner in color and so very helpful in Nalchik last year in the second round, when this very talented player has shown the best that he can as the principal, Tara, a powerful striker. Without him now ... We need to find him a replacement is in regard to implementation capacity. Because "Nalchik" - the team organized, and come to a strange penalty she can.

S. асмрлюм: If to speak seriously, I was curious today. It was very interesting to watch the Nalchik attack develops, as he attacks, as he operates in the standards, as he played a pass. This is not only the all-ugly "Alanya". Now for me to kind of "Alania" - it''s football time in subway kiosks.

V. Utkin: I think the team should be a bit condescending, yet it is for the month was staffed and redo it.

S. асмрлюм: I understand. But the system of genius ... When I looked at these unfortunate Africans inarticulate ...

V. Utkin: mama.

S. асмрлюм: It reminds me of the times a player 30A - "The Thirty-A" (remember how the ZOA in "Spartacus" was called), or all of the unknown heroes, who remembers only Lesch Durnovo, in my opinion.

V. Utkin: Suppose they will give mama hat.

S. асмрлюм: Some terrifying.

V. Utkin: We will change the coach because the coach in "Alanya" is very weak, with the name, but from another time a little. I think that there is every reason for some optimism. Clearly, "Alanya" is not surprising of all came in the Premier League and not to shock us sharp jerk to the champion''s title to the delight of fans. No, this is a normal process.

S. асмрлюм: "All the same," BORDEAUX "the most likely winner of the League. How do you think, Sergei? "Very easily, I think.

V. Utkin: Perhaps people spent the whole evening for "Bordeaux" for the good old Bordeaux. (Laughter)

S. асмрлюм: None Burgundy team no?

V. Utkin: I do not know very well where Burgundy. What is the main town in Burgundy?

S. асмрлюм: Dijon.

V. Utkin: There is only mustard.

S. асмрлюм: Come on, just in Dijon mustard.

V. Utkin: The first thing that comes to mind is Dijon mustard.

S. асмрлюм: I do not know in which division plays Dijon, certainly plays. Closest Grenoble 38. "Tetradze left or" left "? Said head Volga.

V. Utkin: I just do not know anything about Tetradze, still Makhachkala in football terms, the province, there is not some kind of advanced - let me not take offense - sports journalism. Therefore, of course, only on the spot can be seen.

S. асмрлюм: A report out today was good for you.

V. Utkin: Very good. I''m going to watch this program today. I have envied Denis. Volume was very successful. Simply it was obvious that he will be good.

S. асмрлюм: Report from Makhachkala was a little enthusiastic pioneer to Tetradze. But through it all is visible to the situation.

V. Utkin: We learn over time what happened there. But I do not think that this sort of mystery or secret Makhachkala Madrid court. Of course, it is strange that all this happens after the first round. Strangely, not because it''s impossible. A simple question about the professionalism of all the processes. If there is such a need, then why not before? Tetradze explained that the new coach will be able to somehow strengthen the team. I still think that Haji Hajiyev Muslimovich produced their best work when he was preparing a team for the season. For him, it seems to me important.

S. асмрлюм: Interesting our calendar, of course. Now all the teams play each other, and above all play together. Obviously, you''ve seen enough in passing the first round. But neither have we touched a match "Spartak" - "Dinamo". I will honestly tell you, dear friends, do not feel like talking about him. It was kind of this clash ... I think the only thing we can say that "Spartacus" all from Fedun to masseur, perepsihoval this match, and before and after.

V. Utkin: Maybe.

S. асмрлюм: Before the corner pillar at Tarasovka. Everything was just perepsihovano. And the Dynamo was on the dynamo, electrified unbelievable.

V. Utkin: I have not seen this game. But I was most surprised that, for general reviews, the game itself was very poor quality. Why? Frankly, I do not know. I was beginning to irritate it a little more and more. We kept talking about increased professionalism and so on. Well it turns: we have neither the first round, you have not already, is not it, is not so. In the end, preparing two times more than Europeans.

S. асмрлюм: This is a bad thing.

V. Utkin: I understand perfectly well that in a game like football, it is very important that the team was in a tone of competitive, it needs to achieve, certainly. But to us throughout the first round looked kvelye such, of little interest games directly on the floor to another like ... it really only due to the fields? Not only the same fields.

S. асмрлюм: Kvelee was "Lokomotiv" with "Ruby", the game was much kvelee.

V. Utkin: A "Zenit" with "wings"? There, of course, was the nerve in the game ...

S. асмрлюм: Excuse me, dear "Wings" and 22 firms that support them, but it looked like a fortress. So much to bother with "wings" ...

V. Utkin: I''m more suspicious of others. They said that we, the players ... Someone said, someone said, again with each demand are different, that we will for the sake of the fans, etc. ... Listen, where did you get Leilton? He came from such fees. He played for whom? I, the commentator, with such a belly ashamed to live. He went to the football field. This same man, who was preparing for the season, which is in the team, which at the time of preparation could not be, he would have to click search. He who? Wherever he went, the Mamonov, I''m sorry? What is professionalism? What fans? Where is good? What does this mean?

S. асмрлюм: And those six unfortunate people are now in training. It''s ridiculous that the board did not refer to "Wings of the Soviets: do not place enough. But it was very funny. And this whole miserable story ... These poor boys are released, as a lieutenant courses under fire issue.

No, guys, Lyon - this is not Burgundy, is a separate province of Lyons, but it is closer than Grenoble.

I''m not sure that something can be understood on this tour. The first tour was pushed a lot of grants, and understand nothing is impossible. See you next Friday. All the best.

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