лHeavy and nekazista life of Russian fashista╗

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Unrest in Moscow and other cities of Russia 14 Dec, 2008. Sergei Viktorov, skopal@e1.ru

On Sunday, December 14, in Moscow gathered troops Internal Forces Ministry of Defense, the best units of riot policemen, avtozeki, ZiLy and KamAZ (army, inappropriate euro 2) and entered the лzone Ring╗ ...
So Moscow was preparing to лmarch dissent╗, popularly called лFascists march - limonovtsev.
Group distraught fanatics gonimye their spiritual leaders, including Limonov and Kasparov, breast lozhilis at the OMON. True police defused a part of the protesters even prior to the Theater ...
... They were asked: лDo not kalechte people spend marchл in the swamps ╗or on the embankment╗, - no! The chiefs threw people to the barricades.
Guide plans did not deduct: vystroeny have been strengthening, fences, columns of ZiLov and KamAZ (RF Armed Forces and Ministry of Internal Affairs).
All media tverdili about it two days, but that the health of Chiefs. Without their health ... off ...
... And now 14:00 ...
... Group hooligans from going to lobby the subway station, lights Fire and starts to storm reaching its OMON. Teens mostly лdispersed╗, but valyatsya under the лscene╗ and fly in avtozeki.
The veterans and housewives, apparently zauchennymi slogans (you can see the money spared no) tried to лassailed╗ and лcry╗ and OMON troops.
But veterans surrendered quickly, all placed in GAZiki Ministry of Internal Affairs.
And teens do so Limonov, fled ... fled as soon as they cast ...
MTSA not Kidal ... Here it is not necessary! ..
Otmorozki лER╗ (from youth political party) vlezli on the roof of a stationary beside the house and threw all the leaflets.
Here on the roof of the toolbar, so give all term for hooliganism and penetration in the private placement of houses, for disturbing public order, etc.
... But the door was code ...
... I fled the Nazis: лRussian march╗ rebuilt into a лRussian marathon╗. Obmanutye teenagers fled to the Theater, Tver and the surrounding streets, as they fled OMON ...
... Fled guys did not flee the idea, fled for their health. Fled that would survive - there is a secret meaning лmarch╗.
Kasparov is so much leeway on that, even from home - the office did not put out the nose. Maybe it is losing gambit for him, but could not.
Limonov also received their лhalf decade╗ on the subway for the fascist Nazi emblems and slogans. In general, not with ...
AKM not лpushed opportunity to break╗, лavant-garde╗ was not at the лmarch from the OMON╗.
лConsonants in the form╗ not caught up with the bulk of лdisagree with Fire╗ - fanatics fled in the boundless maze of streets of Moscow.
So OMON with honor and without Ona, freedom лEdRa╗, left лTver and theatrical ukreprayon╗. Left victoriously, stuck with a 60-ton man: natsbolov, limonovtsev, veterans and housewives as well as the most Limonov.
Columns moved to the suburbs, is soluble in Moscow fog and smog.
The night nakryla city ...
... And then Kasparov took a step ladey.
Anyone who has not received OMONovskoy baton at the Theater, came to the Kremlin, by willingly series (in the area Borovitskoy tower). They shouted slogans, sang fascist songs, finally made his ...
Come OMON dispersed all, and Kasparov, completing the victory for the party again on the horse. White, and can be black.
Wind Sdulis'' smoke from dymovuh and torches, night nakryla city ...
City zatih a long time ... but I ...
... Yes, the city zatih. And we? We do not!
Discuss going.
Lord Limonov and Kasparov and annual with them, why could not hold a march in Bibirevo, Chertanovo on Swamp area ... Znali fact that the drive would be that there will not vystoyat ... knew that within a radius of 2 km met almost the entire city OMON, Internal forces soldiers Ministry of Defense ... probably guess what would happen if лthugs Limonov╗ with slogans, banners and Fire blow out into the square they will drive ...
... Znali! I am sure I know!
Why maim, why throw them at the barricades, under лboots from kirzy╗ ... Why?
Why take risks, and so лlost generation╗. After all, maimed and the sick are not in favor of the country. Why change the system, it may soon prognetsya itself.
Here then is the time, but now no!
Kasparov, knowing what throws patsanov, many of whom neither the fact that the 21 th, eighteen years of age, he sits in the office, penyaya on people лstereguschih it╗. This is a dirty trick!
I too can say that my home people: bystanders, neighbors and some of them лsteregut me╗.
Kasparov is afraid of wolves, Limonov can not vylezti of lihih 90. Authorities have not one, and not those laws and their enforcement, and the views are unchanged.
For example, that лOther Russia╗ and лLeft Front╗ left to live even less than the system. If they do not change methods or лhorses╗, albeit at a crossing.
S. Viktorov, 18 December 2008,
The author thanks to prepare material sites "Natsbol.Ru (for photos)," AKM1917.Org "(with the help of information) and Artem Tolokonnikova, for the quote in the title.
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