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Welcome to the website posveschennom group Lesopoval "UKU № 32 (Moscow) and my other projects.
There you will see a lot of what I live.
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Everyone who has a videotape of X / F "Goalkeeper" and X / F "hockey players", as well as audio files of these films, please leave a message in the guest book, indicating the e-mail `a (just ask the owner to answer all radios Ocean 221 Ocean-225 Ocean-224-224 Veras, Veras-225 or parts of them).

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VAT ACT College service number 32
INVITES STUDENTS GRADES 8-11 continue their education at CCS number 32
The college prepares professionals for careers
Restaurant Business: st.tehnolog, engineer, cook, confectioner, waiter, bartender;
hotel business: manager, administrator, chambermaid.

The address of the main building: st. Ordzhenikidze, house 15.
Directions: Metro: Leninsky Prospekt, the last car from the center (the yield on the street. Ordzhenikidze)-The first school building.
Tel: 952-47-85.
Also at our college, there are two academic buildings:
117162 Shabolovka Street, 39
Phone: 236-72-46 (Shabolovskaya pm)-The second training corpus.
115114 2 nd Paveletsky proezd 4a
Phones: 235-32-31, 235-13-80, 235-49-25 (M. Paveletskaya)-Third Building.
Admitting Commission COLLEGE: 952-47-85.

Information for entering the CCS number 32:
The site of the College service number 32:

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